Another Gardening Update

We had another meeting on Friday 13th August 2010, and although it was Friday the 13th, it wasn’t a bad meeting, most of the problems surrounding the Communal Gardens. and the lack of Contract work being done as part of being on the Maintenance Contract, have now been sorted out, and we were told by the Managers of the council, that work would commence within 2 weeks of the meeting on the 13th, I am extremely pleased to be able to report back, that someone from the Council’s Parks Department, came out and had a walk around with me, and have told us that the work will be starting on Thursday 26th August 2010, so I can honestly say that ‘ So Far’ since the meetig, we have been kept in the loop, by all concerned, and hopefully they will be starting work tomorrow.  I know that I am a little sceptical over anything that the Council say they are going to do, actually being done, and with them actually keep in touch with Tenants Associations, and keeping us in the loop, but since our last meeting, they have been true to their word, and stuck with everything they said they would do, I just hope that work will commence tomorrow, as promised?  I will keep this site up to date and post everything that happens, as and when, it happens, and hopefully I will be reporting back here tomorrow, to let you all know, that work has started, and will keep a daily log, as to how well it is progressing, and if we are being kept in the loop, and asked about things to be done here, before they actually do them, lets keep our fingers crossed, as I really would love to be able to say that ‘Bristol City Council, may not have got it right at the begining, but they have worked with us, and things are going really well’? I can but hope!!!!!!!! Here goes, I am off for now, but will be back on tomorrow, to let you know what is happening, Take Care, from all of us at Kingsley House


~ by kingsleyhouse2010 on August 25, 2010.

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